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How to Buy Firearms


You need to be a registered user before you can begin buying or selling with Bruno's Firearms. Your shipping address must be either Bruno's Firearms for local pickup or receiving FFL dealer. 
Click Here to ==> Regisiter

It is Required for you to have a copy of your signed Federal Firearms License, or 03 Collector of Curio & Relics License on file with us when ordering Firearms from this Website.

Don’t have a Federal Firearms License or 03 Collector or Curio & Relics License? Bruno's Firearms has created a simple way to locate a dealer in your area who is willing to process a firearm(s)  transfer 
Select ==FFL Dealer Network or contact Sales; (407) 610-1937.

Additional information: Select ==> FQA's. 

The process is easy:
Each of the FFL dealers in the network has already agreed to transfer firearms to you, the consumer, for a specified fee(s). Simply locate a dealer in your area, carefully review the dealer’s terms and fees and then complete your order by filling-in the Shipping Address with the Receiving FFL Dealers Information. The firearm(s) will be shipped to the business address of the dealer with your name and contact number attached. It is also required to have a copy of any local or state licenses required for a firearm purchase to be on file.

If you do have a FFL or 03 C&R License. Select ==> Transfer Process or contact Sales; (407) 610-1937
* Copies must be legible. Before faxing, make sure to make a clean, crisp, readable copy. Blurry or illegible copies will not be accepted. (It really helps if you are able to make an enlarged copy before you send it.)

Federal, State, and Local Laws Relating to Firearms Purchases: We comply with ALL Local, State, and Federal laws. You must be aware of any Federal laws affecting your purchase.

Please Note: You must be at least 18 years old to purchase Long Guns (Rifles and Shotguns), and at least 21 to purchase Handguns and Receivers*. You must also be a resident of the same state as the transferring dealer for Handguns and Frames / Receivers.
    * Receivers are classified as an “Other” type of firearm.