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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I see your pricing? A: By go to My Account and become a Bruno's Firearms Customer.

Q: How do I purchase a firearms? A: Select ==> How to Buy a Firearms.

Q: Will you accept a C&R license for this firearm? A: We do accept C&R licenses whenever applicable. 

Q: Will you ship outside the United States? A: "No international shipments." 

Q: How much is shipping? A: Shipping to lower 48 states is $25 for most handguns under $800 in price and $30-$50 for handguns over $800 due to the cost of insurance. USPS Ground is $45 for most long guns. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii may be more, especially long guns. Please call for exact shipping costs.

Q: How many rounds have been fired in this gun? A: We don’t know. It has no round counter on it. Previous owners always say “very few.” Nobody ever says “I shot alot of this gun.”

Q: Is this firearm legal in my state? A: Each state is different, Please check the laws of your state to make sure the listed gun is legal there before making any bids. CALIFORNIA residents, check the DOJ Approved Handguns List before making any bids. If the exact handgun model is not on the list, we cannot ship it to California. Single-action revolvers are exempt from the CA-DOJ Handguns list. We cannot ship AR or AK/SKS assault rifles to California, New York and some other states,

Q: Are the photos on the site actual firearm pictures offer for sale? A: Not necessarily. New guns will usually not be the one in the photograph. You will receive the same make and model gun as in the photographs but usually a different serial number. Photos of wood grain or laminate stocks show one sample of one model and will not be exactly the same in color or grain for all samples. The photos for used/consignment guns are always the actual firearm being sold.

Q: When was this gun manufactured? A: We don't know. It has no manufactured date on it.

Q: Can I buy the gun you have listed here in your place of business or buy it here and pick it up in your your place of business? A: Yes, for handguns if you are a Florida resident. Yes, for long guns for residents of any state. We do collect FL sales tax whenever applicable. Keep in mind you need fill out the required paperwork; this includes the mandatory federal form. The waiting period starts at the time you sign the federal form. 24 hours for long guns and 72 hours for handguns. You will need to pass Florida Firearm Eligibility back ground check to get an approval number for the transaction. Pending the approval number you can pick up your firearm(s) after the waiting period. Please call to make an appointment (407) 610-1937.

Q: Is the gun you have listed here in stock? A: We hope so, but with several auctions going, sometimes guns listed here are sold before the auction is closed. To be absolutely sure, call the store at the telephone number 407-610-1937 or Contact; Bruno's Firearms representative.