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Consignments Agreement

Consignee: Bruno's Firearms at Deer Creek Blvd. Davenport, Florida 33837

Consignor: Firearm Owner

Consignor agrees to place the item(s) listed below on consignment under the terms of this agreement.  

Consignee agrees to the following:
  • Inspect all of the items listed in this agreement, and will determine condition and functionality.
  • Write up the description and specifications necessary to offer the items for sale.
  • Maintain and insure items for the net amount as stated in the agreement.
  • Offer the items for sale at its Florida location, at suitable trade shows, and game fairs.
  • Advertise items as Consignee deems appropriate, including, utilize an additional Broker/Auctioneer at Consignors agreement and expense.
  • When the items consigned are sold and final payment is made by the buyer, the Consignor will receive the net amount within 30 days.

The Consignor agrees to the following:
  • They are the rightful owner of the items listed, and that the items are free of any encumbrance.
  • That the item(s) consigned will be left on consignment with Consignee for a minimum of 120 days. After 120 days a thirty day (30) notice of intent to  terminate agreement is required.  This agreement will continue indefinitely beyond the original 120 day period until a 30 day notice is received.
  • To grant the exclusive right to market and sell the items listed below to Bruno's Firearms.
  • If the Consignor decides to have consigned items returned, Federal Law requires that the Consignor fill all appropriate forms as if they were purchasing the firearms and pass the Florida FES (The Firearms Eligibility System) Background Check and consignor agrees to pay Bruno's Firearms, $45.00 for transfer fees for each item. 
  • If consignor fails either the ATF form 4473 documentation or FES background check, the firearm becomes the permanent property of Bruno's Firearms until it's sold.

The consignment fee shall be 20% of the selling price of the item, with a minimum fee of $40 per item, and a maximum fee of $1000 per item.  Fees for other services provided by Bruno's Firearms, (e.g. cleaning or repair) or for services provided by third-party vendors (e.g. auction listing fees) are additional and are not included in the consignment fee. 
There is a Internet setup fee of minimum $45.00, this will cover the first 120 days. In addition, there is a $1.00 per day fee, after the initial 120 days, until the firearm it is sold or the customer request the firearms returned.


Consignee shall not be liable to Consignor for any loss or damage suffered to Consignor's merchandise, including, but limited to, loss or damage to such merchandise from fire, theft, or other casualty. Consignor hereby releases Consignee to the fullest extent possible under the law from any and all claims or any nature in connection with or arising from the placement of Consignor's merchandise with Consignee. Consignor further covenants that he/she shall make no claim against Consignee, Consignee’s insurance carrier or the property owner where the items are being stored or held for any damage to Consignor’s merchandise.

Your Initial: _____ I have read, understand and agree to this  consignment Agreement


Manufacture: _________________________________  
Model: __________________ 
Serial #: ______________________________  
Gauge/Caliber: __________________
Additional Description/Comments: ______________________________________
Asking Price: $ _________________  
Minimum Price:  $________________

________________________________      ____________________________
Bruno's Firearms Rep (Print)            Sign

_________________________________   ______________________________
Consignor (Print)                                Sign

_________________________________  _____________________,  ______
Consignor Street Address               City                                State

_________________, _________________  
Consignor Contact Number(s)


______________________________   ____________________
Driver License Number               State
Expiration Date

Florida Residence Documentation required, if Driver License differs. (Property Tax. Ownership Doc., Rental Lease, ect.)